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About The Brand

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Sulaiha Turner

Professional Hair Stylist & CEO

The Stylist

A Jean Madeline Aveda Institute trained professional stylist, Sulaiha Turner is passionate about healthy hair. Sulaiha specializes in natural hair, hair loss restoration, and healthy hair maintenance that clients absolutely love to see, touch and smell.  She is a Certified Hair Loss Specialist, trained by the US Trichology Institute. Sulaiha also holds a program and system certification from XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems, focused on hair loss, hair aging, and healthy hair services and is certified in the use and application of the Hair 360 Treatment and Texture Transformation System. A Freelance Stylist, Sulaiha is available for in-home appointments and bookings at area salons.





In addition, she is a master at precision cutting and coloring, producing unique and stunning designs.  Sulaiha is the primary formulator of the Essential Nutrientz line and her commitment to quality and effectiveness is evident in the finished product. Essential Nutrientz is specially formulated to produce highly moisturized, healthy and beautiful hair. She feels that this can be accomplished without hormone altering chemicals or synthetic oils.






The Product

Essential Nutrientz was founded 3 years ago in Sulaiha’s kitchen as personal project which turned out to be a gift to her hair care clients. After a health scare, Sulaiha committed to search for the most healthy products to use on her hair and skin (your scalp absorbs everything!) and after much searching, committed to making her own. Her biggest joy is hearing from happy customers who have finally found satisfaction and healthy hair with the Essential Nutrientz line.

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