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Introducing the sizzling sensation that your hair has been waiting for - "Hot Drops" Hair Growing Moisturizer Balm! This medium-weight formula is like a refreshing burst of moisture for your protective hairstyle, leaving it looking shiny and gorgeous. But wait, there's more! Our hair-growing balm also works its magic on your scalp, improving circulation and repairing those pesky dead hair follicles. You'll be amazed at how quickly your hair grows with just a little bit of Hot Drops TLC. And for all the children out there, sorry - this one's just for the grown-ups. So why wait? Get your hands on Hot Drops and watch your hair reach new heights!

This product is for you if:

*You want increased hair growth

*You want to bring life stagnate to hair follicles

*You want protection from damage and breakage

*You want to soften your hair

System 2 “Hot Drops” Hair Growing Moisturizer Balm 4oz

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